About me - Nina Engstrand

Genious Catalyst

Why do I call myself this? Because I know that we all have an incredible, often undiscovered, source of new thoughts, new opportunities and subconscious personal insights within us. I help you to know and dare shining in your unique light. I believe, when you do this, your world will be kinder, more sustainable, more prosperous and meaningful. 

About me

I have a Master of Science from Åbo Akademi in Finland and an executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. I am also a certified NLP Practitioner Coach.

I started my career as a language teacher, and then switched to work with service sales, as head of education and with strategic alliances at global IT companies. Since 2017, I run my own company and have, among other things, written books and developed an app, Besides that, I have worked as a catalyst at the co-working/co-creation place KlustretEkskäret and as a coach, mentor and trainer.

I founded Vidvinkel to combine what I have done and what I am passionate about. Apart from this, I am an enthusiastic hiker, cafe expert, life explorer & in constant learning. Since spring 2022, I run a farm in southern Scania, "Geneas" after my grandmother. A place that will be a home, a gathering place and a course venue, when the stables and hen house have been renovated.

I hope to see you!


Author of books

In the summer of 2015, I decided to quit my secure and developing job without having a clue about the next step. I longed for a more free and creative life, where I do what I am passionate about, while helping others grow.

The first thing I did was a pilgrimage in Spain and as a result of that, I together with my fellow hiker, Terry Belmont, wrote a book, "Get Unstuck".

In "Get Unstuck" we share our combined and distilled knowledge and various tools to take you out of a situation, relationship, mindset that no longer serve you.

In addition to "Get Unstuck", I have co-authored the books "The Authors Journey" and "Digital Warriors", all available on Amazon.