Let´s talk about money!

Money Mindset Coaching

Many times we have unconscious or subconscious notions and blockages about money, which cause us to obstruct the flow or even sabotage the flow. The flow of money.

One of your most important resources to be able to have the impact you deserve and desire is income, money! What stands in your way? That is what we will identify during our three sessions together.

Money Mindset Coaching in three steps:

1. Identify -what does your specific situation look like and what do you want to create? What is stopping or blocking you?

2. Expand -now that you are aware of what is hindering or blocking you in terms of money and resources, how do you want to expand your thinking, your choices, your plan?

3, Act -time to start acting on a new playing field. Now it's Income AND Impact that counts! I´ll help you develop the plan for your life and/or business to attract the money you want.

What others say:

"Nina has a way of bringing dormant insights to life with energy and a systematic approach. Insights that are both about where I got my habitual patterns from and how I can have a more constructive approach going forward. If you have the desire or need to develop your systems and have a more quality of life-based approach to money, your contribution and income, I highly recommend Nina." Jean Christian Jacobsen, Senior Consultant Management, leadership and co-creative culture

"Nina has helped me find early truths and beliefs about my view of money, which were established early in life mainly by a society of that time and by the truths of my parent generation, which no longer have to do with the reality that prevails for me today and above all stands in the way of me and my life. By questioning these and spending time defining new truths, which are closer to myself, I now achieve more of my dreams and dare to live out more of my passion." Cristina T