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Vidvinkel perspective - Create more of what you want in life!

Are you stuck in the same pattern or habits? Do you lack clarity about what is important in your life, what gives and what takes energy? Or do you want to find new ideas and ways about how you want to live and work?

Using the three steps of the Vidvinkel method, you will be able to:

1. Identify - get clarity about your current situation and your desired future vision.

2. Expand - create the mindset, the tools and methods you need to get ready for the new you want to create in your life or professional life.

3. Act - create your own toolbox to ensure that you have the support you need and powerfully take steps towards your new reality.

What others say:

"I got to practice thinking broad and big, with height and length. Look at my prejudices and predetermined patterns. Break habits, change habits, invent new habits. Think the other way around, inside and out, and in again, through triple glasses and without colored lenses. Perspective shifting, truth challenging, & joy spreading!" Camilla G

"Through my work with you, I saw how much time in my life consists of things that take energy, so in order for there to be room to take in things that give energy, I have to declutter my life. When I realized this, it was very easy for me to know what and how to do it. Thank you for the insights, the energy boost and the concrete tools I now can work with!"  Carolina R