I am committed helping individuals to shorten the way and time to the life they want to live, business they want to run and impact they want to have. 


My name is Nina Engstrand and my company is called Vidvinkel. I chose Vidvinkel (wide angle) as a name because it so well represents my focus. I help people and companies to achieve success through broadening one's angle, seeing things from a new perspective, and finding new opportunities.

Working with me, you will be inspired by developing a clarified vison which will result in an actionable plan for the next steps of your life or business. Following are the different services I provide to help you enable this:

From brilliant ideas to powerful action

This workshop is about developing creative insights into powerful action as an individual or as a group. Learn how to increase your creative thinking in an interactive, inspiring and energetic workshop. We generate lots of new thoughts and ideas, we work with our thinking, we learn and we apply proven methods and tools to create the desired new result.

Money Mindset coaching

Impact or Income? What is your answer to that question? Most of the people I work with, many are social entrepreneurs, respond with either impact or income. Very few answer both! Who says you have to choose? No one!

If you run (or are considering starting) your own business and you do not yet have the impact or revenue you want, you have come to the right place! I will help you get both the impact and the revenue you want and deserve.

Change Your Game coaching

Focus on what you love in your business, increase revenue and grow your business!

I help you gain insight into what gives and takes energy in your business. You'll get clear on what you want and need to eliminate, automate and focus on, to run the business you want to run while increasing cash flow, and having the opportunity to grow your business according to what's most important to you.